Project : Private housing

    Location: Tres Rios, Costa Rica

    Year : 2017

    Surface : 143 sqm

    Colaboration for MG design studio

    Design team : Arthur Micheron, Leonardo Gonzalez

    Photograph : Andres Garcia Lachner

    Video : Michael Ilg

    Project Details

    The project is located in a residential area, in the district of Tres Ríos, province of Cartago, Costa Rica.
    The house is formed from two basic volumes which separate the private space from the social, these are divided by means of the garden and are connected by the main access.

    From the street you can see part of the interior, this allows to generate several levels of reading, generates a perception of amplitude and permeability. When you enter the lobby, you will find a double layer of glass that gives a transverse view to the bottom of the garden, playing with depth.

    The volume of concrete contains an open floor plan with varying heights, distributing the common area (Kitchen, dining room, Living room), and in the mezzanine the studio and a dark room of photography. To generate privacy between rooms, these were placed at the ends of the volume of zinc separated by the wet block (bathrooms, and laundry).

    It used the route of the sun to create shadows and change the spaces according to the hours of the day and the use of spaces. Light becomes one of the main elements, behaving like a texture that generates changing atmospheres.

    A range of colors (white, black and gray) was chosen to delimit and frame the spaces. The textures of concrete and zinc reinforce the pure lines of the house. Basic materials such as concrete and zinc were sought to accentuate the simplicity of the project. The stones used in the gardens, are the only mineral elements chosen also with a gray tone to maintain the sobriety of the whole.

    The gardens function as patios, contemplative spaces of the house producing a sense of silence and tranquility that bounces back inside.

    Transparency from front to back as a way to express humility.
    Clarity of simple shapes and volumes to understand the space.
    Create a spatial identity unifying materials and colors.
    Separate social and private life for comodity.

    Floor plans

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