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Arthur Micheron - Architect


Arthur Micheron is a French architect who lives in Costa Rica since 2013. He graduated from Paris Malaquais in France where he did is Master degree. He founded Micheron Studio in 2016 to research, design and build significant and contextual architecture.

He works in collaboration with architects, engineers and interior designer to create specific bold team for each project.

Our philosophy

We design for those who aspire to make a change in their lives, for people who invest in their future, for those who believe that architecture can change the way we live, for those who want to achieve their goals, for those who want to support local communities and be actors of change.

We do architecture, we give contextual answers to problems of individual and/or collective scale where we bring our experience and vision to create experiences and spaces according to the needs of their users and in intelligence with the parameters of the environment.

We believe in the constant optimization of our creative process. Each project enriches the next one with new knowledge in the way of designing or building. Research on new materials (bamboo, containers, steel frame…) and unique and timeless designs are the key to satisfy our clients. We look for the right tools to analyze, design and build according to the requirements of the client, the site and the context. We work hand in hand with professionals in each area who accompany us and help us to engineer optimized solutions by crossing perspectives and fields of expertise.

When we choose to initiate a project with our client, it is the beginning of a new fruitful relationship where the exchange contributes to translate great ideas into significant achievements.

Our firm base is in Costa Rica where we work in a tropical ecosystem that facilitates experimentation. The contact with nature allows us to develop our creativity and ingenuity to the maximum in order to build projects in perfect harmony with the environment. Continuous travels and contacts with local architecture worldwide in France, Japan, Denmark, Tunisia, Italy, Mexico, among others enrich our perspective of the world in which we live.

What are the big design trends for offices?
What are the big design trends for offices?

What are  the big design trends for offices?

The trends in office architecture and design are in line with the work lifestyle that today is known as technological, innovative and functional. Next, we are going to present the quality criteria for an office at the forefront of innovation. Our idea is to encourage awareness of the importance of innovation in architectural design as a way of transparently exposing the organization to clients, a showcase for the well-being of employees and caring for the brand image. Thanks to technology, workers have access to digital tools that offer great advantages that did not exist a few years ago, facilitate and streamline their work, so the architectural adaptation of these office spaces is vital. The office is now reduced to a laptop and a cell phone, which allows us to reinvent the way of thinking the logic of working at the spatial level. Costa Rica is a very attractive country for transnational investors in technology as it has a great supply of human talent, it has become an offshoring space for North American companies that want to expand and take advantage of the country’s tax advantages in free zones (See article on “Controversy in the Ranking of Costa Rica as an investment country”). These companies must take into account certain essential factors when designing the architecture of their office spaces. We can observe trends and patterns of innovation in the headquarters of large firms such as Google or Facebook. They invest in reinventing the workplace and generating iconic buildings, which create an environment valued by employees. This dynamic can be applied in the same way for SMEs and transnationals as a step forward towards the transition in the fourth industrial revolution. The 2020 trends for office design.

What are the big design trends for offices?
ideal gas lab’s new office

Ergonomics is the first fundamental aspect for any office, it influences the occupational health of employees, when working most of the time with their digital devices, be it computers, tablets or cell phones, they find it necessary to remain in a comfortable space . Poor conditioning of these spaces affects the physical well-being of people, usually with discomforts such as back pain, headache, pain in the arms and wrists, among others, affecting their productivity. The proportion in office furniture and the distribution of spaces are a key pillar for modern designs to ensure a quality place for the efficiency and well-being of employees.

What are the big design trends for offices?

A well-lit place radiates a lot of positive energy, good management of lighting is part of physical well-being, especially for the eyes as it significantly reduces visual fatigue. Natural light is the main ally, because it causes better lighting of the space and limits the carbon footprint by reducing the consumption of electrical energy. Thinking about lighting ranges from good control of the light temperature and the number of lumens to creating an ideal visual environment and helping the team to be aware of the time of day and progress.

What are the big design trends for offices?
Brutalist Silence – designed by Annabell Kutucu

Open Space eliminates dividing barriers, allows you to take advantage of and optimize space. This trend has spread thanks to the need to create a functional office, and enhance the role of workspaces as a key factor to improve productivity, giving preference to open and collaborative environments, which promote innovation, horizontality and flexibility. teamwork. An office designed with open space favors the development of soft skills among collaborators since, by being in constant contact with their colleagues, cooperation, assertive communication, creativity and professional ethics become more notable.

What are the big design trends for offices?
PANDADOC OFFICE – desined by Studio 11

Now it is possible to imagine a place, where in the same space you can have a meeting with a client and a place of leisure or rest thanks to the multipurpose areas and multipurpose furniture that adapts to the different needs that companies have in their day. day. The office goes beyond a functional logic, it is based on work activities and potential future events, a way to optimize space and resources within the facilities. Multipurpose furniture is a highly sought after element to enhance creativity and promote a more dynamic space.

What are the big design trends for offices?
Office Shogo Onodera – designed by Architects Shogo Onodera

We also observe in the great trends, the spatial impact of ecological awareness, which has become a lifestyle and an indispensable element for the balance of the office. Thanks to the Biophilic design, these integrated living spaces are created in balance with nature, while giving a feeling of protection, comfort and inspiration. The office is the place where people spend most of their time, which is why the need to expand this philosophy to these spaces is created. Modern offices use materials such as wood, recyclable material and plants, to express the attitude of respect that one has towards the environment. Giving a sustainable image of a company helps to project ethical environmental values ​​that are highly valued by current clients and allies.

What are the big design trends for offices?
AGO Oficina HQ – designed by Steven Vandenborre architects

In the new millennial generations where quality of life is sought above all, taking a break from work and clearing the mind is very important for the good performance of employees. Every day companies show more interest in the well-being, happiness and quality of life of their workers, trying to avoid situations of stress and discomfort, which is why rest and leisure spaces have been a successful solution. Providing a space for entertainment and relaxation guarantees a more motivated and understood collaborator, making that attitude of empathy translate into greater team performance.


PerimeterX’s office – designed by BARANOWITZ & GOLDBERG ARCHITECTS

The office concept has changed to a showroom logic as a gallery of human talent where the skills and philosophy of the company are exposed in a unique way. The spatial optimization to respond to new functional modalities and its transformation into a showcase of innovation guarantee the growth of a company and its employees. An element such as design can provoke an important preference in the consumer, creating a competitive advantage that generates community.


By hiring an architect to help you design your offices, you are investing in convenience and innovation. Micheron Studio has been in the national and international market for several years, specifying minimalist architectural projects that combine creativity and human talent to respond to the needs of each brand and position small and large companies as leaders in spatial innovation.


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