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Arthur Micheron - Architect


Arthur Micheron is a French architect who lives in Costa Rica since 2013. He graduated from Paris Malaquais in France where he did is Master degree. He founded Micheron Studio in 2016 to research, design and build significant and contextual architecture.

He works in collaboration with architects, engineers and interior designer to create specific bold team for each project.

Our philosophy

We design for those who aspire to make a change in their lives, for people who invest in their future, for those who believe that architecture can change the way we live, for those who want to achieve their goals, for those who want to support local communities and be actors of change.

We do architecture, we give contextual answers to problems of individual and/or collective scale where we bring our experience and vision to create experiences and spaces according to the needs of their users and in intelligence with the parameters of the environment.

We believe in the constant optimization of our creative process. Each project enriches the next one with new knowledge in the way of designing or building. Research on new materials (bamboo, containers, steel frame…) and unique and timeless designs are the key to satisfy our clients. We look for the right tools to analyze, design and build according to the requirements of the client, the site and the context. We work hand in hand with professionals in each area who accompany us and help us to engineer optimized solutions by crossing perspectives and fields of expertise.

When we choose to initiate a project with our client, it is the beginning of a new fruitful relationship where the exchange contributes to translate great ideas into significant achievements.

Our firm base is in Costa Rica where we work in a tropical ecosystem that facilitates experimentation. The contact with nature allows us to develop our creativity and ingenuity to the maximum in order to build projects in perfect harmony with the environment. Continuous travels and contacts with local architecture worldwide in France, Japan, Denmark, Tunisia, Italy, Mexico, among others enrich our perspective of the world in which we live.

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