Project : Transformation Private housing

Location: Liberia, Costa Rica

Year : 2018

Surface : 122 sqm

Terrace : 72sqm

Pool : 28sqm

Design : Arthur Micheron

Project Details

The project is located in Liberia, province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The house is the result of the union of two existent volume, an old cabin and a ranch where the clients like to share in family for weekends and holidays.

The architecture transform, elevate with a new roof and bring a fresh distribution really simple to use the minimum of materials and space to combine all the wishes of the couple.

The main area is totally flexible, you can transform your private living into an open air space to communicate with the nature around. The idea is you will always feel part of the garden.

The in-between space between the living and the bedrooms is a closed area for TV room and working space with a controlled air system as the temperature can rise really up all year long. This space can also convert into an extra room when more people come to visit.

The bedroom area keep the logic of the first cabin and we add an extra room and two private bathroom for more privacy. The space is high and windows high is design to renew fresh air in a natural way.

The swimming pool area is connected with the living and bring continuity with the other space to embrace in simple geometry the other volumes.

Materials are used to identify the different spaces and to be easily cleaned as this is a second residence for the clients, it need to be really functional and convenient.

Current design of MP house in Liberia Guanacaste. House with long roof and ranch on the right
MP House Architectural Blueprint Designs for Construction
Transparency from front to back for a total breathing space.
Clarity of simple shapes and volumes to understand the space.
Create a spatial identity unifying materials and colors.
Separate social and private life for comodity.

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