Project : Private housing

Location: Samara, Costa Rica

Year : 2019 2020

Surface : xx sqm

Design : Micheron Studio

House O view from the front, with its tree and elevated structure, with the mountains of Samara in the background

Project Details

The project is located in Samara, province of Guancaste, Costa Rica. The house is formed from two basic volumes which are connected in a single moon shape. The geometry of the site and the tree already existing are the starting point of the conception of the whole project. The idea was to realise a project wich embrace his context and dialog with the landscape all around. The special geometries with a range of diferent circle allow to connect all the spaces of the house to the ocean view. The simple use of material reinforce the bold design and give a true sense of the volumes and spaces. Materials will be selected to sustain in time and be eficient for a low maintenaince. The villa will have diferent uses and adapt perfectly to all the needs of our clients.

Transparency from front to back as a way to express humility.
Clarity of simple shapes and volumes to understand the space.
Create a spatial identity unifying materials and colors.
Separate social and private life for comodity.
Render of the design of Casa O in Sámara Guanacaste seen from its main entrance with its magnificent tree in the middle and a crescent shape

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