Project : Bag design

Location: Costa Rica

Year : 2016

Specs : 28 (L) x 48 (H) x 13 (W) cm

Design : Arthur Micheron

Photograph : Lingie Granados

Project Details

The bag Micheron is a product born as a necessity to travel in Costa Rica. It lends itself to walk in chepe, walk in the mountains or relax on the beach in style. The bag is made of cow leather and army fabric, comes with a compartment to carry your computer and some handles to put an umbrella or a tripod if you are photograph passionate. The package come with a rain coat indispensable for winters. It exists in four colors so you can travel everywhere with style.
Flexible for different uses, pack all your belonging in one single bag!
Simplicity of lines and unique shape.
Selection of colours matching combination of Costa Rica landscapes colors.
Protection against the rain and adjustable arms to embrace your back.

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